The decision on authorization to work on cultural goods

David Kuzmanic, as leader engineer of K&Spro team recieved a decision on authorization to work on cultural goods Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.

More about authorization

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Business-office building – Kukuzovac

In GZ Kukuzovac near Split, we started to mount Kuzmanic&Simunovic projekt d.o.o. new office building according to our design, supervision and project leadership.
The end of the building process is expected in 1 month.
The new offices with area of 200m2 will be super modern equiped and built in highest technical and aestethical standards. The …

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Dubrovnik Airport – installation of passenger boarding bridges

At the Dubrovnik Airport is underway installation of passenger boarding bridges produced in CIMC Shenzen (China). Project of construction is developed by Kuzmanić & Simunovic Project Ltd. for the Chinese contracting authorities in May 2014.…

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Mini oil refinery – Dugi Island

In early October, the K&S pro delivered a detailed executive project of one specific object – a mini oil refinery located on Dugi Island. This project will be applied to the contest for realizing the incentives from the EU structural funds. …

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Supervision over constructing the bridge Trogir – Ciovo

The K&S pro participated in a joint venture arrangement together with Italian (TECHNITAL spa, Milan) and Croatian partners, regarding the offer for professional supervision over constructing the bridge of Trogir (land) – the island of Ciovo. Our suggestion was more favourable between the two bidders. The outcome of the competition process is still unknown, but …

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Designing of a new production hall for KRAH Ltd. from Vrgorac

In the month of September, the K&S pro arranged a complete designing of a new production hall for KRAH Ltd. from Vrgorac, the recognized manufacturer of polypropylene sewer pipes and manholes. The new production hall is planned to be built in Zagvozd (near Imotski) on a surface of over 3000m².…

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Increased interest for providing our services

In September, the K&S pro supervisory department contracted/ starts a large number of the professional supervisions for private investors on the Croatian coast. Concerning the increased interest for providing our services in project managing and the technical supervision, our plans, regarding the necessity to strengthen this segment of the business, started to realize. The procurement …

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Construction project of the kindergarten – Split

In August 2014, the K&S pro has also been hired to work on the construction project of the kindergarten, which is a part of the POS project located in Split, in the area of Kila.…

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Airport Dubrovnik – terminal C

After finding the caverns of larger dimensions below the designed ground level, K&S pro team agreed upon making preprojects for the construction of the terminal C at Dubrovnik Airport. Together with the Geotechnical study Ltd. and the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb (speleological investigations), the results are being valorised and converted into a concrete …

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Residential-business building “LAKI +” in Split

In June, 2014.  construction of residential – business building “LAKI +” in Split have been started .

K&S pro team is involved in the project as: construction engineer, building physics designer and the complete supervision.

Architecture designer and chief designer: Hrvoje Marinovic, / Architectural studio Marinovic

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