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“Mala Papaliceva Palaca” in Split


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In September 2013, after obtaining the certification of the project and after finishing the whole necessary documentation (construction projects by Kuzmanic&Simunovic projekt Ltd) we initiated the reconstruction of the historical and architectural complex of “Mala Papaliceva Palaca” in Split.

Apart from the relatively small volume of previously conducted surveys (the area was in its working function until the last moment), we gladly accepted the task of  both leading and supervisory engineer in order to perform the constructive work, expecting at the same time many obstacles due to the present state of structural assemblies.

Due to the antiquity of the object we were faced up with unexpected problems. We weren’t familiar with the object’s geometry, materials of which it was made and previously obtained reconstructions that weren’t documented in any file.

Construction works involved the covering of the existing front yard, the functional linking of the fragmented spaces in one unit which resulted in the removal of some parts of the wall, supporting arches and columns. The risky problem was that some individual floors above were used as living areas during the entire time of work.

Due to the increased pressure on some mezzanine floor constructions, the certain reinforced concrete slabs were strengthened by carbon armature and additional steel beams.

Historical vertical constructions (stone) have been reconstructed with the support of steel frames which, after previously being jet injected and locally stabilized, were inserted immediately after the realisation (the saw) of the aperture.

Particularly sensitive elements (parts of the wall converted into pillars) were wrapped by the carbon transverse reinforcement.

Steel frames and lintels are, in accordance with the instructions of the conservation monitoring, processed with natural stone, white concrete, brick or mortar and are designed and constructed as completely invisible structural elements.

The completion of all work which includes constructional phase and equipping of the space (future area of trading store Billa) is expected during the middle of February 2014.


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