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Business-office building – Kukuzovac


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In GZ Kukuzovac near Split, we started to mount Kuzmanic&Simunovic projekt d.o.o. new office building according to our design, supervision and project leadership.
The end of the building process is expected in 1 month.
The new offices with area of 200m2 will be super modern equiped and built in highest technical and aestethical standards. The office building will be certificated as A+ energy class building.
Authors: Samuel Martin, dipl.arch.FH. & David Kuzmanic, mag.ing.aedif.
Structural design: Tihomir Simunovic, mag.ing.aedif.
Building physics design: Ana Kuzmanic, mag.ing.aedif.
Electricity design: Ante Kovacevic, mag.ing.el.
Water and sewage / thermotechnics design: Ivo Zuvela, mag.ing.mech. / Vlado Nigojevic, mag.ing.mech.


When Kuzmanic&Simunovic handed over the further development of the business infrastructure to Kuzmanic Engineering Ltd. earlier this year, the same company in October 2014 obtained a building permission for constructing the business-office building in the industry area Kukuzovac near Split, and started its construction.
The construction of the building includes a complete mounting construction of steel and glass (except the foundations), synthesizing at the same time the whole contemporary engineering knowledge in a rational and harmonious unit.
The calculations and manufacturing drawings of even the smallest detail have been made in 3D technology and will be produced in a workshop within 1 month from the day they were ordered, and installed within 7 days after being delivered to the construction area.
The future facility should consist of several comfortably accommodated engineering companies with all the necessary infrastructure and research polygon. The completion of the work and the final moving in is expected by the middle of 2015.

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