New high school in Omiš, Croatia


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In April 2017 K&Spro design team finalised a structural main project of new high school in Omiš. The object contains 2 dilatation (school and sports hall) and its construction is very specific due to the small carrying capacity of the foundation soil. Building stability is achieved with deep foundation based on piles and proper arrangement of dilatation.

School area is 3500 m2 (ground plan projection); 8392 m2 (total area) and it’s 4-storey high, it’s designed as a wall and skeletal system made of concrete elements. The sports hall is placed along the north facade of the school and it is designed as an steel construction covering the area of 680 m2. K&Spro design team is involved in this project in the field of structural engineering and, at this stage, we continue with the detailed design drawings for concrete and steel elements.
Project is made for City of Omiš, Croatia.


 Vjekoslav Ivanišević,, AR CENTAR d.o.o., Split – architecture
 K&Spro design team

– main project
– structural analysis
– structural executive drawing detail drawings and reinforcement drawing
– foundation design
– earthquake design

Main K&Spro experts and associates involved :

– Tihomir Šimunović,
– Ante Marin,
– Gabrijela Grozdanić,
– Hrvoje Botić,

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