Prefabricated steel hall ”Žrvanj”, Biograd na moru, Croatia


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In May 2017 K&Spro design team in collaboration with architect Eugen Širola, started working on the project of new steel hall in Biograd na Moru, Croatia. The object is covering an area of approximately 1440 m2 and it’s measuring 9,30 m in height. The purpose of the hall is to facilitate workshops for repairs of small ship parts. Facility contains two sections, divided with panels. Hall’s steel structure contains 10 planar frames made of two column and two beams (I profiles), 24 m in range, while the external surfaces of the hall are covered in thermopanels. On this object K&Spro design team is involved in fields of architectural design, structural analysis and water supply and sewerage system engineering.


 K&Spro design team

– architecture
– structural analysis
– foundation design
– water supply and sewerage system engineering
– geotechnical engineering

Main K&Spro experts and associates involved :

– David Kuzmanić,
– Tihomir Šimunović,
– Eugen Širola,
– Ljubica Medić,
– Hrvoje Botić,

 Kapar d.o.o. – electrical plan design

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