SM SPAR Poljička cesta, Split


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In 2017. K&Spro design team was involved in the project of the new, type ”400”, SPAR store, for the Spar-Croatia, according to the ”Brand Architects” designs from Austria. K&Spro consultant team obtained building permit for this store.

The store is located in the basement of the residential and office building in Split, Croatia, covering the total area of 400 m2. On this object K&Spro design team is involved in fields of architectural design, construction engineering and noise protection engineering. The construction started in June 2017 and K&Spro construction supervision team also has a professional supervision over construction works for this store.


 K&Spro design team

– architecture
– construction engineering
– structural analysis
– reinforcement placing plans and formwork plan
– building physics
– professional supervision

Main K&Spro experts and associates involved :

– David Kuzmanić,
– Samuel Martin, dipl. Arch. FH, MIG ARHITEKTI d.o.o. Nikole Tesle 21, Split, Croatia
– Tihomir Šimunović,
– Bruno Doljanin,

Main construction supervision :

– Marko Sunko,
– Kapar d.o.o. – electrical plan design
– TUB d.o.o – water supply and sewerage system engineering
– thermodynamics
– ZAST d.o.o. – a project of protection at work
– the project of fire protection


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